For over 5 years, the Coffee Trike has delivered premium coffee quality and best-in-class hospitality to the Boston/Cambridge area. And true to form, it does it all on three wheels. Whether you’re looking for cold brew, hot chocolate, or a full espresso bar, the Coffee Tryke’s got you covered, managing to fit an insane amount of inventory behind the handlebars.
What’s more, the Coffee Trike is a production that takes care of itself, and takes care of Massachusetts too. Acton, MA’s own George Howell Coffee Company provides the coffee, while Hadley’s own Mapleline Farm provides the organic milk. All paper products dispensed from the Trike are biodegradable, and the preparation techniques are as first-rate as first-rate comes. It all makes for a pick-me-up that doesn’t just taste great, but does great too. Give ’em a visit and see just how much taste three wheels can hold.

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